“I will take you on a voyage of discovery into the workings of your body and mind”

Warren Flood works and thrives as a Certified Parts Therapy Hypnosis facilitator and speaker in the health and wellness arena. Using insights from three decades of experience in the health and human potential field, and a keen belief that we are here to evolve and fulfil our wildest potential, not to just merely cope.

Immerse yourself into your
personal mythology

Warren draws on personal mythology and insights as a wellness coach and a hypnosis facilitator to uncover your potential. His philosophy is to hold a gentle but exacting space as you unearth the stepping stones which set up direct lines of communication with your powerful untapped mind.

Warren Flood


The ability to speak your truth is a skill needed by all those who desire to shape their own destiny.

Warren Flood

Corporate Speaking

Research shows us that the health of a company directly correlates with the health & happiness of its’ employees.

Warren Flood


Rebuild your confidence, direction, life purpose, freedom and happiness through hypnotherapy

Join Warren by journeying into the consciousness of yourself as a whole being. Connect with that part of you that is your most powerful asset, your mind.

As you begin to travel within, you slowly begin to realise that you have never been without

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A move from seeking to knowing, beyond wisdom, beyond traditional doctrine, with awareness that there is so much available to us. That we exist in a world of potential. That we are remembering that we are whole…and that we are writing our own ‘owner’s manual’ as we go along.

Walk with me …

Warren Flood