100 Days of Healing: Action plan

Plan a schedule that covers the following:

Sleep patterns – Set a time to go to bed and then awake (no screen time 1 hour before).

Nutrition – Provide a time to plan / shop / then prepare meals according to a weekly menu (Good nutrition brings nutrients to the brain and body, helps with regulation.).

Exercise – Cardio based (walking) will bring in MET / weight training – quality of life. Enhances blood flow and oxygen to the brain, burns off hormones of stress, increase oxygen capacity.

Work – How many hours per day / clients to be seen etc.

Self-care – Breath work / prayer / journaling / Neurocycle / reading self-development books (15 min per day minimum.

Relationship development – Quality time with partner / children / outings etc.

Reward – How will you reward yourself for achieving the above/ choosing activity that is enjoyable and has novelty to stimulate creativity.

Spend some time journaling about what it would mean to achieve the above;

  1. How will things change for you?
  2. How will it affect the people you love and care about?
  3. What is the cost of not changing – worst case scenario?
  4. What is the reward – write out 2 to 3 best case scenarios?


When writing up your schedule write out the most perfect schedule you can imagine, how would you really like it to be if everything was ideal…then look at what you are currently doing and look to increase your output by 4% per week ( in a month that’s a 10% increase – imagine what that would be over 1 year..?

Keep a note book of the ebb and flow of your energy levels, and the spiral of thinking that triggers behavioural patterns that no longer serve you.

  • Evidence based, self-initiated, self-maintained, and self-actualised.
  • Very Important – schedule a time frame, a beginning and an end. Review, re-calibrate repeat.
  • Life is a series of habits – done wisely compound into your best life.