Warren Flood noticed my bent over posture and it was clear to him I was in agony from severe back pain. He suggested a healing session at the same event we were attending.
As a mindful scientist I always look for clear empirical evidence for how resilience and healing work, but what I experienced was Meta physical.
Part of my treatment was Warren talking to me and encouraging a process of suggestion and mind adjusting while he exercised his healing hands on my pained back.
I experienced an emotional release due to this therapy and found a feeling of lightness come over me.

The back pain had somehow vanished, I was in awe of Warren’s abilities and 4 months later I can confidently say I have had no pain which I have suffered for the last decade.
This is transformational for me as every month I suffered for at least a week until I had completed a physio process. Warren has changed that for me miraculously.

Mark Joseph – Mindfulness coach, Johannesburg South Africa

A wonderful sense of integration with myself

I have worked with Warren since November 2020. I was in a state of depression and approached Warren for coaching. Our first session was really about finding out where I was at and we decided that hypno was probably the best route to take. We did a set of 3 sessions and what was so profound was how I was able to ‘visualise’ the inner resources and parts of my sub and conscious mind. Following the hypno, I attended weekly group mediation sessions, facilitated by Warren. It was so great to share the journey with others who were also clients of Warren. These weekly meditation sessions have served as a great space to integrate the learnings from the hypno and to further explore, in a safe container.

I have just started another round of hypno and, after my first session, I have already had a wonderful sense of integration with myself. I have always felt safe with Warren. The hypno is powerful but it always feels safe. I am always conscious and always in control; I always navigate my own journey.

Warren is humble, sincere and professional. I feel confident in recommending him to anyone who is looking for general personal growth and greater sense of self.

Henry Shepherdson – Entrepreneur / Software Engineer

A deep and expansive journey

Words are inadequate to describe the profundity of the deep and expansive journey that Warren took me on. He guided me to dismantle perceptions of myself that have been holding me back, and to re-imagine my core aspects into powerful, co-operative creative components that, together, *empowered* me to move beyond my old self-limiting constraints. I felt safe, assured and in complete alignment with my Inner Being all the way through the process. Warren is an intuitive, gentle but firm guide who was able to keep me feeling safe and in control of myself, the direction we were taking, and to move with agility and a variable *pace* that I set and felt comfortable with the entire time.

I have been on intense journeys of personal enquiry for over 3 decades. Therefore, my objective analysis when considering new modalities, is to reserve judgement until evidence of the journey is realised in my consciousness. My *determinant* is usually, “will this take me into a realm beyond where I’ve been before?” And the answer to this, for me, is a resounding YES!

Lynda Jaros – Johannesburg, South Africa.

Improvements to mindset, behaviours and general outlook

Warren is one of the most intuitive and insightful hypnotherapy practitioners I have ever had the privilege of working with. His sessions have enhanced my life in ways I could never have anticipated. Highly recommend his therapy for anyone seeking significant improvements to their mindset, behaviours and general outlook.

Clare Vasta – York , UK.