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Warren Flood works and thrives as a Certified Parts Therapy Hypnosis facilitator and speaker in the health and wellness arena.

About Warren

Professional Life Strategist

Using insights from three decades of experience in the health and human potential field, and a keen belief that we are here to evolve and fulfill our wildest potential, not to just merely cope.

Warren draws on personal mythology and insights as a wellness coach and a hypnosis facilitator to uncover your potential. His philosophy is to hold a gentle but exacting space as you unearth the stepping stones to set up direct lines of communication with your powerful untapped mind, on your journey to realising yourself as an agile, resilient being, to go about your world in a powerful creative way!

Warren Flood

“I have had an extraordinary journey from my early 20s to now, to be involved in all aspects of well-being, starting off as a personal trainer and fitness instructor.”

But through all this I felt and believed there is so much more and became very passionate about the mind body connection which lead to me certifying as a life coach in 2010. Since then I have had the privilege of working with so many wonderful people all looking to grow and develop on their personal journeys.

Along the way I have hosted and run wellness retreats in the Cape as well as in London and Bath, in the UK. As a sports massage therapist, yoga instructor and wellness coach, I have had real time experience on how powerful the mind and body can be in expressing a person’s potential.

Most recently I have added hypnosis facilitation (South African Institute of Hypnosis) to my journey, and found it a culmination in bringing the mental and physical together in way that makes it so accessible as we navigate about on this wonderful planet.

Having trained all my life know full well the value of small incremental steps in the right direction, both physically and mentally and it is my experiences on my journey that allow me to speak and guide people as a Life Strategist.

Using all the modalities above I have forged a system, a life strategy system based on my experiences, and hundreds of hours of research and inquiry. a life strategy system based on my experience, all of my past and present clients and hundreds of hours of research and inquiry.

And of course the priceless feedback and insights gathered from my past and present clients – this is for all of you that have made my life so interesting.

It has and is working for me personally in a myriad of ways, and as my life expands, I extend a warm welcome for you to journey with me a while.


For those who desire change

For those that are searching for growth, you can expect

Warren Flood

Mind & Body

A sense of calm and inner belief. To begin to work with the mind and body as a powerful tool in your journey of actualisation

Warren Flood

Stress Relief

An increase in your capacity for stress, to develop the skill to reinterpret stress and use it as a guiding force in highlighting strengths and weaknesses

Warren Flood

Strength Building

The ability to reframe your situation, perhaps even your past, to inform a powerful, self-initiated and self-maintained future

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A move from seeking to knowing, beyond wisdom, beyond traditional doctrine, with awareness that there is so much available to us. That we exist in a world of potential. That we are remembering that we are whole…and that we are writing our own ‘owner’s manual’ as we go along.

Walk with me …

Warren Flood