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The Vision

Words can take us to our highest aspects of who we are …

In working with people whilst coaching and in hypnosis facilitation I have become awestruck by the power of the spoken word. I  have had first-hand witness to incredible change and emotional release, enabling people to grow and expand beyond what they could ever have imagined.

Warren Flood

In my journey so far I have come to understand that we are either enthralled and working in a space where we feel we have no effect, or through investigation and taking responsibility for guiding and discerning our choices in thought and word, which then leads to deed …we have the ability to set ourselves free from the narrow constraints of all the thinking that came before us.

In creating the membership site I am embarking on a journey of personal discovery, of sharing all I have learned through my 3 decades of questioning, asking, researching, seeking …and finally having come to the point where I know that I know nothing, that our best expression is yet to come, our best relationships, our best way we express the life that we are…

This is my passion, this is when I feel most alive and in creating the site is to invite those of you that wish to embark on this journey with me is to become enablers …to enable me to show up scarred and battle weary to hold the banner as a sign post, an invitation to those that choose to evolve come align for the ride.

A ride of letting go, a forgetting of the forgetting, a stepping into our truth…and for me that truth is the unknown , because as I have journeyed deeper and deeper within I am always discovering that I have never been without , that as long as I am letting go into the mystery of life , the unfathomable aspect of this force that animates… how can I not how can I hold back and not share that which is not mine in the first place but all of ours to unfold and evolve, together and as individuals.

That our unfolding is unique and sacred to each of us , that we explore with vivid imagination who and what our fullest potential could be , and the joy in knowing that every time we reach that potential there is still more, it is never done.

I have no idea where and how this will evolve except that I can no longer ignore the calling… that sense that if I don’t share what comes through me it sometimes feel like insanity, that it swirls around in my body and mind seeking an outlet, seeking to burst out into the light and go out to those that will discern in their own way, take what works for them, question my madness and then explode out into their own wondrous evolution.

A move from seeking to knowing, beyond wisdom, beyond traditional doctrine, with awareness that there is so much available to us. That we exist in a world of potential. That we are remembering that we are whole…and that we are writing our own ‘owner’s manual’ as we go along .

Walk with me…


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Warren Flood

Mind & Body

A sense of calm and inner belief. To begin to work with the mind and body as a powerful tool in your journey of actualisation

Warren Flood

Stress Relief

An increase in your capacity for stress, to develop the skill to reinterpret stress and use it as a guiding force in highlighting strengths and weaknesses

Warren Flood

Strength Building

The ability to reframe your situation, perhaps even your past, to inform a powerful, self-initiated and self-maintained future