Warren Flood noticed my bent over posture and it was clear to him I was in agony from severe back pain. He suggested a healing session at the same event we were attending.
As a mindful scientist I always look for clear empirical evidence for how resilience and healing work, but what I experienced was Meta physical.
Part of my treatment was Warren talking to me and encouraging a process of suggestion and mind adjusting while he exercised his healing hands on my pained back.
I experienced an emotional release due to this therapy and found a feeling of lightness come over me.

The back pain had somehow vanished, I was in awe of Warren’s abilities and 4 months later I can confidently say I have had no pain which I have suffered for the last decade.
This is transformational for me as every month I suffered for at least a week until I had completed a physio process. Warren has changed that for me miraculously.

Mark Joseph – Mindfulness coach, Johannesburg South Africa