Words are inadequate to describe the profundity of the deep and expansive journey that Warren took me on. He guided me to dismantle perceptions of myself that have been holding me back, and to re-imagine my core aspects into powerful, co-operative creative components that, together, *empowered* me to move beyond my old self-limiting constraints. I felt safe, assured and in complete alignment with my Inner Being all the way through the process. Warren is an intuitive, gentle but firm guide who was able to keep me feeling safe and in control of myself, the direction we were taking, and to move with agility and a variable *pace* that I set and felt comfortable with the entire time.

I have been on intense journeys of personal enquiry for over 3 decades. Therefore, my objective analysis when considering new modalities, is to reserve judgement until evidence of the journey is realised in my consciousness. My *determinant* is usually, “will this take me into a realm beyond where I’ve been before?” And the answer to this, for me, is a resounding YES!

Lynda Jaros – Johannesburg, South Africa.