I have worked with Warren since November 2020. I was in a state of depression and approached Warren for coaching. Our first session was really about finding out where I was at and we decided that hypno was probably the best route to take. We did a set of 3 sessions and what was so profound was how I was able to ‘visualise’ the inner resources and parts of my sub and conscious mind. Following the hypno, I attended weekly group mediation sessions, facilitated by Warren. It was so great to share the journey with others who were also clients of Warren. These weekly meditation sessions have served as a great space to integrate the learnings from the hypno and to further explore, in a safe container.

I have just started another round of hypno and, after my first session, I have already had a wonderful sense of integration with myself. I have always felt safe with Warren. The hypno is powerful but it always feels safe. I am always conscious and always in control; I always navigate my own journey.

Warren is humble, sincere and professional. I feel confident in recommending him to anyone who is looking for general personal growth and greater sense of self.

Henry Shepherdson – Entrepreneur / Software Engineer