Today I am sharing one of my obsessions, a fascination that goes back decades but has only just begun to gather traction in my personal experience of the world.
I have been obsessed ever since I read in one of Deepak Chopra’s books, about a monk that controlled bleeding with his mind in a demonstration, at one point the monk was disturbed and the blood from a cut on his arm started to flow, and as soon as he turned his attention to the wound again it stopped. It was a long time ago and I can’t remember the book specifically but that really caught my attention and I didn’t know it then but has become a lifelong and gradual obsession with healing and self-awareness and all that entails.
I have gathered together a personal philosophy that has been informed by a myriad of sources, and I must profess I am a master of non, and yet I have reached a point where, almost as if a veil has been lifted and I can see everywhere in the texts and messages of all those that walk amongst us and those that have past that have been on a mystical path, references to a larger aspect of ourselves than what we are currently aware of.

Research which started off as reading and researching for corporate talks I am busy doing as a Movement and mindset Coach.
References that we are whole beings with potential beyond the wildest of our dreaming …and yet we seemingly begin where we must all start, by believing that we are just a body/brain unit and that we are subject to all the external laws of manmade perception.

Then let me introduce Steven Kotler, American author and journalist …suffice it to say he has Wikipedia pages dedicated to himself , but what caught my attention was his journey from Lymes disease and whilst listening to one of the interviews on YouTube he described the day everything changed for him and I quote more or less transcribed from the interview.

He was 30 yrs. old and suffering from Lymes disease ( a bacterial infection that left untreated can be severely debilitating and even life threatening)– he had spent 2 years in bed , and had reached a point of deep depression , was feeling very suicide and physically was so weak to the point of being functionless.
At one of the lowest points in his life , having made the decision to commit suicide some friends arrived at his door and took him surfing against all of his protesting.
He went on to explain how it felt like his brain wasn’t working, he was in pain and exhausted. All of this taking place at a Los Angeles beach, the sun was setting as he managed to turn his board and with enough muscle memory popped up onto his board, he then goes on to say, ‘ I popped into a dimension I didn’t know existed, felt like I had panoramic vision , I could see out of back of my head, time had slowed to crawl, I felt emotionally and physically awesome , and I filled with life excitement and possibility “ and everything he was describing are the Flow states which he subsequently went on to research and take FLOW mainstream.
He goes on to say that he caught 4 more waves, and couldn’t move for 2 weeks from the exertion. On the 15th day he went back to surf and kept doing it, finding the high despite the cost.
And the outcome, it took Steven 8 months from 10% functional to become 80% functional.
That moment when he experienced himself as more than just the body, more than just victim to circumstance, I believe he accessed in that moment the potential that we all are –
Powerful; electromagnetic, physical, spiritual, emotional human beings having this experience!
And if one can, we all can.
The rub is this, we are just not aware of our potential…we are never not all powerful life force that ignites and powers the physical, we are just unaware of what we are …and its this potential that I see and have come to recognise in flashes of insight, mostly unbidden in moments of silence or rhythmic movement.
All the spiritual and indigenous traditions allude to an intelligence greater than what we are experiencing and my realisation is that we are of gods and animals and the oscillation between the two excruciatingly beautiful.
Thank you for being on this journey with me and it brings me great delight to share all that I am discerning.
Please feel free to share the newsletter and if you have question let’s start a conversation. I look forward.

Namaste Motherfuckers!